What is Kinetic Sand Made From?
Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% Magic. 
The magic is a non-toxic, synthetic polymer.  
The process of making Kinetic Sand is protected by international patents. 
Is Kinetic Sand Non-Toxic?
Kinetic Sand is Non-Toxic.  It has been tested for all required safety standards. 
Kinetic Sand is a modelling compound and is not intended for consumption. 
As with all toys, children under 3 years should be supervised at all times whilst playing with Kinetic Sand. 

How should i store Kinetic Sand?
Kinetic Sand will not dry out in the open air.   
We have found the most convenient storage method is in an old icecream or tupperware container.  
We advise to store Kinetic Sand out of reach from your Pets.   

Will my child eat Kinetic Sand?
Kinetic Sand is 98% Natural Sand.  
It has the same gritty texture as beach sand and is very difficult for a child to chew and swallow. If your child has ingested a significant amount please seek medical attention.  
For complete product safety information please download the kinetic sand MSDS Product Statment As with all toys, children under 3 years should be supervised at all times whilst playing with Kinetic Sand. 

My Pet has eaten a large amount of Kinetic Sand, what should i do?
If your pet has consumed a large amount of Kinetic Sand, please seek advice from your Veterinarian.  They will be able to advise appropriate action.  
We recommend to store Kinetic Sand out of reach from your Pets.   

What are the shipping rates? 
$5.95 Flat Rate Shipping Nationwide!

How long will delivery take?
We aim to dispatch orders that are in stock within 3-5 business days. You will receive a tracking number for your order, it is then in the hands of our reliable couriers.

What carriers do you use?
We use Australia Post.

Do your couriers have authority to leave?
Yes. Our couriers are instructed to leave parcels in a safe and protected location if no one is present.  

Is Kinetic Sand suitable for kids with special needs?
Kinetic Sand was developed specifically for kids with special needs.  
Playing with Kinetic Sand is an amazing tactile and soothing experience.   

Why is my kinetic sand sticky and crumbly?
It sounds like your sand has mixed with water or your hands were slightly wet before playing with the sand. When wet the sand will change properties and get a bit sticky and crumbly. 
Don't panic. Just spread it out and put it out in the sun for an hour and it should dry out and return to the original consistency.

Can you mix Kinetic Sand with Water?
No. Water will change the magic binding agent and alter it's performance. 
If contact with water occurs spread out and place in the sun. 

I live in a really humid location, will that make the sand act differently?
Places with very high humidity may notice the sand is more sticky than in the videos.  If you live in a really humid location we recommend playing with the sand inside, preferably with the air con on.  

I want to enquire about distributing Kinetic Sand in my own country.
Please contact Waba Fun USA to discuss. 

I am involved in a community that works with people with special needs. Can we place a bulk order and get a special rate?
Sure!  We sometimes get organisations to collect orders from their community then we can arrange a bulk shipment to one location which saves on shipping rates. 

My Kid has Allergies, can they play with Kinetic Sand?
Kinetic Sand is great for most kids with allergies - it is wheat, gluten, nut and casein free and 100% non-toxic.  
Children who have rare allergies to Synthetic Polymers should not play with Kinetic Sand.